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Pet Imaging Centre (PICs)


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Advanced Digital X-Ray

  Our Imaging department has equipment that is equivalent or the same as most major human hospitals in NSW. We are very fortunate to have been able to install such high standard equipment which is otherwise out of reach for most pet owners.

  Our digital x-rays can be performed in a very short time which is an increase in safety when pets are sedated or under anaesthetic. The Fuji Profect PLUS Digital Imaging Suite 5 plate multi-stacker, is known as one of the best imaging equipment on the market.

In fact this machine is the same as humans who have super fine mammography examinations undertaken.



A 3 Manu Newman 27 A owner Manu Newman 27 Manu Lateral hip legs web Manu VD hip web


At 6weeks of age the many growth plates can make reading early x-rays challenging

Vandal Bowden Xray thru door Digital Xray Fuji System

 This high level facility has been made possible due to the dedication of the   Central Coast Vet Centre's vets, who volunteered their time, as well as huge capital expenditure, so that pets on the coast have the best oppurtunites like humans.

  You will find the entire team of PICS (for other requesting vet hospitals) & the Central Coast Vet Centre (official) for primary clients, working together & dedicated to pets on the coast.

For a CUTE X-RAY case check out

                      Manu- who at 6 weeks thought he could fly!

or      Vandal who went fishing, then we went fishing-for the hook!


or      many other orthopaedic cases for fractures, TPLO TTA & cruciate surgeries, luxating patella surgeries even the many fractured bunny back legs!  

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