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Vandal the Bulldog -Fishing HOOK

     "he just ate it right in from of me then it was gone"

Vandal the Bulldog from Avoca, came across a large fishing hook on his walk. He swallowed it whole right in front of his owner and even though he tried to stop him, reaching down the back of his throat, it was already gone!

  Vandal was admitted for radiographs. Views showed his throat, neck & oesophagus were clear of the hook, although there were signs of mild trauma in one location. The hook was seen on x-ray to be in his stomach.

  The owners were considering their options after the x-rays. The options were to see if the hook would work its way through, (with great risk & potential castastrophic complications), or have it surgically removed. The vets finalised other emergencies & then the combined decision was made to proceed with surgical removal. The owner wanted to ensure the outcome was successful for Vandal, because where else would they catch such a great dog again!


 A full anaesthetic, surgical preparation, large midline approach & abdominal incision was made. The hook was unable to be felt through the stomach wall or further down in the duodeneum.  It looked big on the x-ray, but doubts began, could it be a fine thin hook that was difficult to feel through the lining?

A mobile x-ray unit was brought in to the theartre to assist. Initial intraop x-rays appeared to show it to be right below some of the instruments we had placed in as markers. However it was still non palpable. It was decided to push the stomach and duodenum completely away, up under the diaphragm & re x-ray. There it was still in the same spot. So it turned out, in the 4-hour delay between initial x-rays & surgery, the hook had already moved out of the stomach through the duodenum and was well in amongst the small intestines (jejunum). It had been traveling all the way reversed, in the same position you would hook a fish with & in the end was found hooked in to the intestinal wall.

   It was rotated & removed from the intestine, then stitched closed with an omental patch. The abdomen was flushed 1L of warm saline & the large incision stitched closed.

  Later when the hook was presented to the owner he thought it was indeed much larger than what he had glimpsed slip down Vandal's throat.

  Always take care as dogs quickly swallow a tastey smelling fishing hook. Please pick up any fish hooks you noticed thrown away or washed up around fishing locations. Vandal will thank you, or at least Vandal's owners will, as Vandal might just do the same all again...

Vandal Bowden Xray a Vandal Bowden Xray B Vandal Bowden Xray thru door Img0248 copy web Img0249 copy web Img0252 copy web Img0253 copy web Img0247 copy web

Throat neck and chest were clear

Fishing Hook was initially in the stomach

Instruments were placed in the abdomen during surgery as markers & intra-operative X-rays were taken to find the location of the Hook (which had moved from the stomach to the small intestines within 4hrs).

Later Instruments were placed in the abdomen during surgery as markers & intra-operative X-rays taken to locate the Hook (see end pictures). Surprisingly it had moved out of the stomach & through much of the small intestines within 4hrs and was found hooked through the intestinal wall.