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Pet Imaging Centre (PICs)


                PET IMAGING CENTRE (PICs)  / CCVC   (02)  43 29 0500

                    PICs  CCVC  6 Brooks Avenue, Wyoming, NSW 2250, AUSTRALIA



        6 BROOKS AVE

Wyoming 2250. Ph 4329 0500

                      PICS - Imaging the way to your pet's heart

    pET sHOP


Central Coast Vet Centre                        

    (CCVC)  on 4329 0500                        


PRICE LISTS - Vaccines

Jasper Walsh ultrasound 1 side on ultrasound two

Microchipping  $29.95

Yearly Heartworm Injection -Dogs

High quality vaccines- Dog 5 Component Kennel Cough / Bordetella / Parainfluenza & 3yr Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis  & Cat 3 Component Cat Flu- Calicivirus Herpes Virus Panleukopaenia

Vaccines are priced as $69.95 Vet Health Check + $20 for the vaccination  (C5/C3/F3) but 2 discounts can be applied-


1. On Time Discount gives you $10 OFF this price and

2. Facebook Following gives you a $10 OFF in the Boutique petshop

The On Time Discount means bringing your pet for vaccination in their due month, at either  CCVC North Wyong or 6 Brooks Avenue North Gosford. Please phone to book. Please show reception you follow us on facebook to get the extra $10 off anything in our shop at the time of that vaccine transaction  (Click here for Boutique Pet Shop pictures).

<10kg   $69.99              10- 20kg  $89.99    

  20- 30kg  $99.99         30- 40kg $119.99

 40- 55kg   $149.99       >55kg  $179      

Nail Clips   $10

Anal Gland Expression   $15

Routine Vet Consultations  $49.95 All afternoon Monday to Friday

Buster side on web Yoshi Right Side Model Shot Delilah Close up CT 3 front logo concrete cut in 5 Recption 2 area and boutique petshop 7 cafeteria staff 16 theatres Jasper Walsh ultrasound jasp posing

Saturday Vet Consultations  $59.95

Desexings- Dog Cat & Rabbit Desexings                                          

                             Please Call for Pricing

Litter Prices-  Please Call for Pricing

On Time Discounts with vaccinations -our aim is to encourage pet owners to bring their pet in each year on their due month. The benefit of a once-the-year Vet Health Check for a pet is like going to the doctor for us once in every 6-8 years!! Early detection & prevention is always best and vets are checking many things like their heart, chest, abdomen & lymph nodes.

Advanced Orthopaedic Surgical & Medical Teams  

 (for our vaccinated pets)

More Price Lists Below (for our Vaccinated Clients)