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Ultrasound -

Abdomen & Echocardiography  (Heart)

 Central Coast Vet Centre & Pet Imaging Centre (PICS) have some of the most advanced ultrasounding machines that are currently used in human hospitals. In combination with CT and endoscopy, ultrasound is an invaluable tool, assisting vets in diagnosing your pet's problems.

 Whether it is measuring heart chambers, the velocity and turbelance of blood through heart valves or abdominal scans, your cats & dogs of the coast will benefit from having large vet hospitals invest back in to their facilities & equipment.

Ultrasound Image Left Adrenal Ultrasound image Right Medical Iliac Lymph Node LA Colour Flow Jasper Walsh ultrasound jasp posing ultrasound side us & jasp Jasper Walsh ultrasound 1 side on ultrasound two

See 2 intersting cases below-

Sandy -after a long history of a mild, untreated heart murmur over the years, she suddenly presented collapsed & in heart failure. Unfortunately she then went in to acute renal failure as well. But after her initial critical hospital stay, Sandy stabilised & now enjoys her regular check ups at PICS. Both her heart & kidneys are currently under good control with multiple medications & lucky for her, a very dedicated owner.


SANDY -Acute Heart & Kidney  Failure Patient-

  JASPER - Bi-Cavity Effusion Case

trying to make her pose at her regular check up! (pictures above & below)


JASPER - Complicated Bi-Cavity Effusion Case


At only 2 years of age and otherwise healthy, Jasper is a rare BiCavity Effusion mystery case. He has fluid building up in both his chest &  abdominal cavities, along with variable pitting oedema (swelling under his skin), which is just not a simple protein losing case. In fact his levels of blood protein (like albumin) while low, are not low enough to cause his problem.


In order to stay alive, little Jasper is having litres of fluid drain from both his chest and abdominal cavity each

month.  While he is only 6kg, more than his body weight is constantly being drained over 4wks. While he is happy &

full of energy again after each draining, the time between draining is now down to just a week. At this rate time

for little Jasper is limited.



These rare cases can be frustrating for vets and specialists and sometimes the cause is never found. Even with heart and abdominal ultrasound scans, repeat blood testing, various medication trials & full body CT, it still is a mystery at the moment.


The next step by the vets at PICS is a special CT study, percutaneous CT lymphography using ultrasound-guidance to administer iohexol (contrast liquid) into one or both of his popliteal lymph nodes, at the back of his leg.

This is in an attempt to delineate (outline) his lymph drainage system, from his leg, through his abdomen and chest, with repeated helical CT scans- in the hope that visualising his lymph system (and his thoracic duct), may demonstrate a leakage somewhere.


This is an ongoing case, which has been kept alive by the efforts of his owners & the vets, who have also assisted in the expenses of this case.