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Toby didn't want to play ball anymore - 

Toby presented to their local vet 5 weeks before the CT scan. He resented his mouth & jaw being opened, he did not like playing with his ball as much & was occasionally reverse sneezing. At one point his eye drooped slightly then appeared normal again.

A dental was performed and a few rear upper loose molars were removed. Dental radiographs at the time showed otherwise nice teeth & roots. Toby did not improve after the dental & stopped playing ball. Clinical signs also did not improve with antibiotics so radiographs of the nasal cavity & skull were performed under general anaesthetic. An unusual area was seen on radiographs and a CT scan ordered.  

PICs performed a contrast CT of the nasal cavity. Based on the history, we extended the fine 1mm scan to include the termporal mandibular joint (jaw joint or TMJ), the middle ear, the brain and the pharynx & larynx. A chest scan was also performed.

The specialist CT report concluded there is a large soft tissue mass causing severe bone lysis (eating away the bone), obliterating the left nasal cavity. The bone is disappearing from the left & right nasal turbinates, the nasal septum (the midline), the cribriform plate (between the nasal cavity and the brain), the maxillary bone both laterally (under the eye) & ventrally (towards the mouth).

   Conclusions from the CT scan were likely adenocarcinoma (cancer) originating in the left nasal cavity with extension into the right nasal cavity, left retrobulbar space (under the eye), left maxillary region and through the cribriform plate- extending into the frontal lobe of the brain.

  With the help from hind-sight, the two molar teeth found loose at the dental were most likely secondary to the adjacent bone lysis from the nasal tumor.Toby was returned to his local vet for treatment options. We remember him for his fighting spirit & affection.

Toby Ling LViewRad Room Toby,Ling Web Toby,Ling Toby,Ling oral cavity 006 3d and soft3 copy nasal cavity3 copy nasal cavity4 copy 3d and soft copy nasal cavity6 copy nasal cavity7 copy nasal cavity8 copy nasal cavity9 copy

Minimal outward signs. Mild general muscle wastage.

Extending through the cribriform plate into the frontal lobe of the brain.

Left Side Changes begin compared to Right side

Normal Front Nasal Cavity both sides

Complete Bone Destruction under the Left eye

ComparingSides- Left side has missing bone & Cartilage

Bone Lysis  - Left side- loose Molar was removed at dental

3D View - Left Bone & Jaw removed by computer demonstrating marked BONE LYSIS underneath.





Molar 2Left side- removed at dental

Soft tissue image factors