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SNUGGLES the CAT -  Puddy on PUFFERS !! 

     her breathing was just not quite right.....

                                      but no one expected this!

Snuggles is a 10 yr old puddy and the owner had notice her breathing a little odd on two occassions over the last 6 months. She had her normal vaccination and 6 months on, the owner returned, after noticing her "breathing a little heavy". This time, she definitely wanted it investigated. After a blood test returned without abnormalites, x-rays were ordered.


The x-rays were very abnormal and instead of having a radiologist's report on the x-rays, it was decided it was better to have the specialist report on a CT scan, to allow them a better chance of diagnosing.

The  CT in real-time instantly showed a very different lung then we normally see. A detailed 2-page specialist report followed, describing most likely diffuse airway disease & severe bronchitis. The picture to the right shows a normal air filled, compliant lung and chest. The difference was very concerning for the vets.


The specialist's were very concerned & a lung biopsy/ sample was ordered to rule out underlying carcinoma (cancer), amongst other things.


A bronchoscopy was performed (camera scope) to view & take a sample. The pathology returned clear from cancer, whilst the scope identified thickened airway linings but no other significant abnormalities.

Snuggles in ct snuggles cat chest_3 Snuggles ct front monitor view snuggles cat chest_0 snuggles cat chest_1 1.2.392.200036.9116.

Snuggles on an oxygen mask during Scanning


Severe generalised bronchointerstitial lung pattern & mild/moderate Pneumothorax



should look like this

Mild to Moderate Pneumothorax

(AIR in the CHEST)

Snuggles posing shot web Snuggles ventolin shot Snuggles posing shot web Snuggles ventolin shot


Severe generalised


lung pattern

(see normal looking lungs above for comparison)


Snuggles in her photoshoot with Dr Chad

Snuggles in her photoshoot with Dr Chad

Courtesy of the Central Coast Vet Centre-N.Wyong & Wyoming

Snuggles now lives with her owner, her asthma puffer and spacer (ventolin for emergencies) and her twice daily perventative puffer for long term use.

Snuggles is breathing easier at the moment and so are her vets!


  That situation would require immediate emergency intervention, such as x-ray or spot CT and removal of the air to allow her to breathe.


For now, her diagnosis remains diffuse inflammatory airway disease, causing small temporary leaks in the airways. These are causing the mild to moderate pneumothorax (air building up around the lungs).


The leaks appear to heal themselves spontaneously and the escaped air reabsorbs over time. These episodes of transient pneumothorax will need to be closely monitored, incase a sudden larger leak occurs.

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Right Lung

Left Lung

Left Lung