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                  SASHA Forever In Our Hearts 

     Sasha the special rottweiler was presented for seizuring. Emergency intervention to reduce further cluster

seizures/ an induced coma for 24hrs/ a contrast

Brain CT scan reported on by specialists within the

hour - unfortunately demonstrated a 2cm mass in

the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain.

Multiple scans of the head and brain were sent for specialist reporting. The urgency of a seizure patient  in such a critical condition was not lost on the specialists.  They were quickly on the phone for an interim report, while requests came through for additional CT computer reconstructions from the raw data of the scan. These extra recons enhanced different areas of the brain.


The radiology department had their initial suspicions confirmed. Over the last two hours, during the reporting period, further clinical signs were being gathered from Sasha as well. For the first time, a subtle eye roll & twitch was noted.  This further suggested a problem on the right side of the brain.


The result was a brain mass in the right cerbral hemisphere. The findings in the brain could explain the clinical signs of seizures and were most likely consistent with neoplasia (or cancer). The right lateral ventricle of the brain was dilated in one area and obliterated in another (the temporal region).


The CT is so sensitive, it picked up some incidental findings, such as a nodule in the left adrenal gland measuring 3mm. A mild enlargement of the left atrium of the heart was also found, consistent with compensated mitral insufficiency (heart valve problem). Spondylosis (bone bridging between the vertebrae) involving all regions of the spine were seen.


Sasha was a strong 9 1/2 year old Rottweiler. She presented after having two seizures in the morning at home.  In retrospect her slip off a small step the day before and a little spin around and drooling a few weeks prior, were probably related. She had a further 2 small seizures at 2 and 4 hours after admission to the hospital, despite medication.


The owner consented to an emergency Brain CT, along with the chest and abdomen to get an overall understanding of what was going on. Sasha's blood results were normal. She was monitored by the vets at the Central Coast Vet Centre and transported to the Pet Imaging Centre at Wyoming. During this time she was placed on multiple IV anti-seizuring drugs. The emergency CT contrast study was performed as soon as we felt she was stabilised.

Sasha's owner was informed and all parties were in agreement. Despite all the protective medication, everyone was surprised how her sedation was lightened & she became much more aware of her owners presence when visiting.  She even managed a big gorgeous lick of the owner which came out of nowhere. She was a joy to her owners and to the Central Coast Vet Centre over the years and will be missed by her sisters at home, Chloe the Kelpie and Biscuit the cat.


Monitoring sasha seizure

Sasha's vitals were monitored throughout. Her oxygen saturation levels remained between 93-96%,

Brain Sasha displaced Brain Sasha

Mild shifting of structures in the sagittal midline from the right to the left-

 everything should look symmetrical along the red line's imaginary path 

To Simplify- the white lines are not symmetrical, they are pushed to this        

        side by the mass

Brain CT Scan PICS

Contrast enhancing mass with

ill-defined contours of approx 2cm dia in the right cerebral hemisphere at the level of the temporal lobe

Hallway next to theatres Sasha Pict web

Sasha was placed into an induced coma for 24hours to prevent repeat seizuring - while investigations were under way