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SANDY the SHIHTZU X- in for a routine CTscan

to diagnose CUSHING'S DISEASE (hyperadrenocorticism)

                            .... but wait, there was more found!!!!


                         1. Middle ear infection

                        2. Multiple spinal disc ruptures &

                        3. Abscess in the jaw dissolving the bone!

                            (please see the corresponding 1,2,3 pictures)


Since our loyal best friend cannot tell us what is wrong, usually we only find out the problem when it is well advanced. Now with CT we can screen for diseases earlier.


   In this case the owner was very happy to be a step ahead of Sandy showing signs. But now on quizzing, the owner had noticed her leaving the harder dry kibble and just eating the soft food . She also didn't like anyone going near her mouth! Well now we know that Sandy, with her severe toothache, had only been complaining in silence!


In Cushing's disease, the liver enzymes are commonly increased and Sandy had tested positive twice to an ACTH stim test, yet her adrenals were normal on ultrasound. At the CCVC it has now become routine to perform a simple CT scan early on, as the information gathered can be so much more- as seen here. Scanning of the entire abdomen to include the liver and adrenals is important. The pituitary gland is also scanned in the brain, as it controls the adrenals and may not be functioning correctly.


   Also See under Vet/Client CT Education section for -

               Cushing's Disease      MIDDLE EAR Disease

               SPINAL Disease         DENTAL & JAW scans


Sandy in ct Sandy in ct with ta Sandy in ct with TA front molar abscess sandy smith_0 sandy smith R & L adrenals_0 middle ear sandy smith_1

This middle ear

     is clear

This middle ear

has a problem

This upper jaw has good solid bone

The Jaw Bone is breaking down - showing the tooth roots of the back upper molars very clearly


Sandy oral cavity

Adrenal Glands

are easily visible

     on CT



Dr Tamra attending to Sandy's CT

From the outside the tooth had tartar but no obvious signs of ABSCESS - see below

A CT scan of the adrenals, liver & pituitary gland in the brain were performed, which is routine for diagnosing Cushing's disease. However, no one expected the CT to pick up 3 more problems!




  Sandy had 5 Ruptured Discs

           in her back (Spinal Canal)-


Mineralised disc material along the ventral and right lateral aspect of the vertebral canal at T13-L1 and L2-3


Mineralised disc material along the ventral aspect of the canal at L3-4,

L4-5 and L5-6.


While the abdominal CT did not focus solely on the spine, like a detailed spinal CT would have, it was still amazing information to make both the vets and the owner aware!

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A dental procedure was performed 2wks later