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Mokey-Pus - street stray surviving with a leg missing.    

My Name is Mokey-Pus

That's like Smokey without the "S".... Mokey.


I was a stray brought to the vets with one of my back legs ripped off! Yes, I survived living off the streets with the bones in my back leg sticking out!

I was skin & bones, riddled with fleas & worms, I almost didn't survive it.


The vets took me in, fed me, warmed me up, cuddled me, wormed & gave me flea control. I was starving, so they gave me the top of the range Royal Canin diet. It felt like going from rags to riches, I couldn't believe my luck. They performed emergency surgery on my leg to save my life. I smooched so much with the vets to make them love me, so they often took me home overnight!


It's been 6 weeks in hospital with them free of charge hehe! They castrated me at the same time

(I didn't know about that one!).


I stayed in intensive care for weeks until the vets were happy with my weight & then I was vaccinated.


I am so loving & playful, the vets are very protective of me & they want to make certain I get adopted to the right for-ever home.

Because I have had so much trauma in my life, I cannot be re-homed to a family with a dog....sorry, now my life and my limbs are very precious :)

Mokie Anaesthetic Mokie Stray Tom Leg Missing CCVetCentre Mokie Tom Cat Missing Leg CCVetCentre Mokie Under Drapes CCVetCentre

Bones sticking out where his leg is missing. Mokie is tubed under anaesthetic & about to be prepped for surgery. He is hooked up to various monitors as seen here -blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory gases, respiratory monitor & bair hugger (temp control). ECG is the other parameter monitored.

Smooching and smooching all the way up to moments before surgery.

Mokey under the drapes during anaesthetic

Mokey was living on the streets like this!

Mokey is in perfect shape now, so an up to date photo will be added here shortly