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Marty the 12yr old Papillon- 

                              a rubber ball obstruction & a splenic mass!

Half of a very dense rubber ball was found obstructing his colon. On informing the owners, they did say they found his favourite toy half missing in the yard on the weekend. They thought it had been chopped up by the lawnmower! This was removed rectally while under anaesthetic after a scope & enema, so problem one was solved.

The CT images identified a large, cavitary mass arising from the spleen, occupying the right abdomen. This had been felt on palpation, but was not the cause of the gastrointestinal obstruction. CT images give great detail of the lung fields & other areas looking for spread of disease, prior to attempting surgical resection.


The specialist CT report found there was mild inflammation of the mesentery. but the abdominal lymph nodes looked unremarkable and there was no eveidence of spread of disease. Other abdominal organs, the heart base & lungs all looked normal.


Marty's owners didn't have to think twice, they gave permission for their loyal dog to go to surgery (after all he is the leader of their other 8 papillons!).


Surgery was performed successfully by Dr Chad & the CCVC surgical team & the mass was sent away for histopathology, in the hope it would be good news.


 And it was good news. The histopathology report said there does not appear to be neoplastic or inflammatory patterns in the numerous sections prepared.

It would appear that the multiloculated cystic like voids are part of a vascular abnormality. The lesion is probably best classified as a vascular harmatoma; such would slowly expand during life.The microscopic pattern does not appear to be that of a haemangioma or anything worse.

   Marty was taken from the recovery ward upstairs & even managed to spend the night with the vet watching The Bachelor! In the end everyone was happy :)

vertebrae_0 splenic mass_3 splenic mass_1 ball_0 Muddle Splenic Tumour Marty Muddle CT A Marty Muddle CT 2 Close little larger Muddles Paris Delight

A thank you gift from Marty's owners to the staff- A special recipe from Paris!

Marty presented vomiting & lethargic. Marty's owners opted to go straight to CT rather than x-rays, after blood work showed a high white blood cell count.

Splenic Mass later removed at Surgery


Vertebral Spondylosis

(an incidental finding)


removed per rectum after colonoscope &                  


Harmatoma & Spleen      removed at surgery

Splenic Mass later removed at Surgery

Normal Bladder