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Manu the little man- at just 6wks of age & at his new home for just 3 days, Manu was schedule to visit the vets next week & start pet insurance. But he wanted to get in early & visit us....

Having been almost instantly toilet trained, smart little Manu was being taken outside for the early morning pee stop. Unfortunately being so small he started to slip and fell from a mid-level height.

  His little cries & reluctance to stand, made radiographs the next step. His rear right leg & pelvic region were imaged.



A 2 Manu Newman 27 A 3 Manu Newman 27 A owner Manu Newman 27 Manu L Leg web Manu Lateral hip legs web Manu VD hip web



At 6weeks of age the many growth plates can make reading early x-rays challenging

Normal Growth plates make the pelvis appear fractured on this tilted view (see top left x-ray for the same pelvic but non tilted pelvic)

While it would appear in x-ray B of his leg below, that his pelvis is severely fractured, on x-ray A (top left) the pelvis was actually not displaced. The age of the puppy demonstrates how difficult it is with reading x-rays of juvenile pets and their many growth plates.


While Manu had no clear fractures, it is quite possible the growth plates of his Right hip level had been damaged. Even with pain relief & strict rest, 10 days on he was still a little tender. Future comparison x-rays for growth plate injuries & signs of healing may be required and premature closure is always a possibility.  Comparing his growth on both sides will be interesting in the future.


 Surgical intervention may be required on his hip, or if one leg is markedly shorter, corrective lengthening could be performed.


But no one has told Manu & he is not concerned at all, as long as he gets to play with the others at our Puppy preschool. And apparently he now wants to join in the baby agility class as well!