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Interesting Vet Cases

Horse attacks sheep, then tries to kill Kelpie!

Multiple fractures to the head, collapsed lungs, liver & spleen contusions... yet eating the next day!

Daily Telegraph Article-

Frankie the young 60kg GREAT DANE survives complete kidney shutdown after a dialysis regime for 4 weeks.

Kidney contrast study abdomen kidney contrast 3d abdomen kidney and vessels constrast Coronal- Maxillary Fractures 2

Kidney -

Ectopic Ureter Contrast Study

Abdominal Contrast Study

All arteries & veins become clearly visible

Multiple Right &      

 Left Maxillary Bone Fractures

  (to the head)

    All pictures on this website have been produced from our facility.

Below are a sample of some interesting CT cases from a 10 day period

More Interesting Vet Cases Below

###### the Rabbit

Rabbit CT's are run most weeks as the vets have an interest in Bunny medicine.

FURTHER CASES See below       - Current under investigation -see below

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WARNING: This story contains images some viewers may find disturbing.

Chewy Rabbit Delilah web Mokie Tom Cat Missing Leg CCVetCentre Lucy CCVetCentre Surgical Team Bladder Stones 2 Lucy CCVetCentre Surgical Team Bladder Stones

Dr Jaime Dumanas, head of the surgical team at the Central Coast Vet Centre for the last 10 years. Over the last 30 years he has trained hundreds of vets and vet students on surgery. Seen here at the PICS surgical centre in Gosford -Wyoming, where he performs surgery each week.

Dr Jamie is one of the original  vets of the Central Coast Vet Centre North Wyong. Dr Monika (hiding just out of picture), assisted the nurses in monitoring the anaesthetic in the critical case of Jet, with his added problems of Dilated Cardiomyopathy & Lung mass.

Lucy undergoing a cystotomy to remove bladder stones

Surgical Theatres

Jet surgery team Jet Interssusception Jet Interssusception

(Above) Dr Jamie (right) & Dr Chad (left-one of the founding vets) with Jet the Doberman- where  removal of a large section of his intestines immediately after a CT scan saved his life earlier this week

Interssusception Surgery, seen clearly on the CT scan then a little while later in theatre, where an entire portion of the small intestines was removed successfully  (Jet)

Small Intestine seen sleeved inside itself

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#  Major Tom the cat 4.5hr Surgery & Recovery.

#  Eddie the little Eagle who thought he could fly (8wk old Puppy)

#  Narlia who had her Fractured Pelvis CT scanned then 3D reconstructed.