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HORSE attacks sheep, then tries to kill the Kelpie

Zac was rushed to our centre in a critical state for suspected brain injuries.

He had been attacked by a horse!


The CT scan showed Zac suffered-

Bilateral lung collapse & re-ocurring pneumothorax (air filling his chest)

Multiple maxillary fractures (face/cheek bones) & subluxation.

Contusions in his spleen, liver & suspected free fluid (blood/urine) in his abdomen.

Multiple lung contusions & atelectasis (collapse) & bullae (air sacs from lung rupture)

No brain damage was evident on CT (haemorrhage, swelling or bruising) which was

some good news. Blood was haemorrhaging from his chest, the endotracheal tube

(see picture) required repeated refreshing & suction.

He was transferred to our pet imaging centre (PICS) & with quick emergency intervention, the vets couldn't believe Zac's recovery. The very next day he just wanted food....fractures and all!

After a day in ICU & a week in hospital, Zac was released back to the farm, with orders of strict rest and no horse-play (so to speak).



Zac is a 2 1/2 yr old male Kelpie. The owners had witnessed the horse grab a sheep & toss it up

in the air earlier in the week. Zac must have thought the next week he could go one better.


He was presented to Dr Tammy at the Central Coast Vet Centre at North Wyong, with severe contusions to his left forehead and eye socket. The entire side of his body, cheek, chest & hips, along with his inguinal area were very painful. He was quiet & subdued.


He was admitted as a critical trauma patient with marked head trauma. He was immediately given pain relief & iv fluids with bloods taken for testing. His chest was stabilised for transfer to the Gosford Pet Imaging Centre for CT & further critical care.


Out of hours, Dr's Chad & Tammy along with PIC's human radiographer ran a full body trauma CT of Zac. Pre-CT conscious, upright x-rays were taking of his chest.His pneumothorax again drained. Under sedation, ZAC underwent an initial screening chest CT, showing the pneumo-thorax refilling & alarming chest involvement.


CT scanning was further interrupted, allowing the vets to re-drain the chest. One of the hundreds of ct slices taken is shown (to the left). Remarkably, his blood oxygen saturation remained great from the start! Fractures interrupted the front teeth alignment.The fact that Zac must have collected a hoof in the face only became apparent on these

finer sliced head ct scans under GA.


The CT showed multiple maxilla fractures of his upper

hard palate & side of his face. The above CT image &

further 3-D reconstructions displayed the damage well.


The owner was relieved that despite all the fractures,

chest and abdominal trauma, the ct cleared his brain of

damage. Zac wasn't the first to need a weekend out of

hours CT scan as an emergency. A number of patients

have had  CT's run at PICs during many late week

nights & on weekends.


CT can be life saving in both human & vet medicine,

allowing the vets to diagnose & intervene quickly & in

Zac's case, better treat & predict his outcome.

Endotracheal Tube Replacement Out of Hours Emergency Saturday whole body CT SCAN Whole Body Bruising & Post Chest Tapping for pneum Coronal- Maxillary Fractures 2 Bilateral Pneumothorax & Lung contusions

Bilateral Pneumothorax

(Collapsed Chest / Lungs

Collapsed Left Lung Lobes (multiple air bullae & multifocal pulmonary contusions & atelectasis)

Zac's Endotracheal Tube had to be replaced multiple times during the anaesthetic as it would continually fill with blood from his lungs as shown above.

Zac suffered multiple lacerations and bruising to most of his body

Black Area on both sides of chest showing AIR-    

     requiring chest drain  

               placement &  



Bilateral Pneumothorax-

Reoccurring collapsed            


Collapsed Left Lung Lobes (multiple air bullae & multifocal pulmonary contusions & atelectasis)