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he was diagnosed with pancreatitis sure.....

                                         but no one expected this!

The owner picked Harley up from a fun time at the boarding kennels, although he was inappetent (off his food) the last 2 days. He then vomited 5x at home. He was lethargic, had no diarrhoea, but was prone to eating toys as well!

Harley ct side view Harley ct front view harley burns lobe_0 harley burns lobe_1 harley burns lone aspiration_1 harley burns lone aspiration_3

Pneumonia possibly from aspirating (breathing in) some vomit during pancreatitis


The vet check showed his temperature was normal, but he was tense & painful in his abdomen. A blood test was ordered - he was significantly dehydrated, electrolytes were out of balance & he was positive on the blood test for PANCREATITIS. He was admitted for overnight monitoring by Dr Tamra, for iv fluids, pain relief and various other injections to stop him vomiting etc.


The following day x-rays were taken which cleared him from radio opaque foreign bodies. No suggestions of soft toys were seen either.

Two days later he started to pick up like his old self and was back to eating carefully. A low fat, vet only Royal Canin prescription diet was suggested to hopefully limit future bouts of pancreatitis.

BUT a week on & he re-presented to the vets a second time, having vomited white froth/bile 3 times, at 12am, 2am and 4am over night! Blood testing reveal great news, that the pancreatitis test was now negative. But he was a little dehydrated again. What was going on, was there more?


This time, a thorough investigation with a CT of the abdomen was ordered.  Central Coast Vet Centre also performed a chest CT scan at the same time. This extra scan gave information that even surprised the vets!

The CT specialist report showed the lymph nodes of the abdomen (gastric & portal lymph nodes) were enlarged, most likely secondary to severe gastritis/gastroenteritis. The pancreas was now normal, similar to the blood test result.


The CHEST CT however, showed that the right cranial Lung Lobe looked completely different (as seen in the pictures). The lung had  ASPIRATION PNEUMONIA, so a pneumonia secondary to breathing some of the vomit in, most likely during his time of pancreatitis.

Pneumonia seen in the Right Cranial Lung Lobe

Normal Lung Lobe


Right Lung



Dr Tamra assisting Harley with his CT scan

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Pneumonia seen in the Right Cranial Lung Lobe.  NOTE- the other Lung side is Normal

Poor Harley was in the wars!!!  So now the CT had allowed us to better understand everything he was going through. A treatment plan of various medications, longer courses and extra antibiotics were prescribed. Harley has been doing well as an outpatient. A future repeat mini-ct scan may be ordered, just over that lung lobe, before stopping the antibiotics.


    Because the pets cannot tell you what they are feeling, problems that can be solved early and that can be easily fixed, are often left undiagnosed. CT imaging gives an understanding of the problems very quickly.