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 Here are 2 examples of Poor Pets that have been attacked by off lead dogs recently.

Scamp Hill Scamp Hill Close up Scamp Hill midcleanup

Little SCAMP - His head skinned back yet still so brave!

SCAMP (Pictures ABOVE) 


Scamp was spending the weekend on the Coast from St Kilda, Victoria. He was presented to our emergency vets (Central Coast Vet Centre) between 10 & 11pm at night -with his head partially scalped from a dog attack.

LOYAL TUPPENCE-  (Pictures on the RIGHT) >

Tuppence  13.6 Tuppence m 13.6 Tuppence Mellor 13

Scamp- seen here immediately after presentation to the CCVetCentre's Emergency Vets at 11pm- with iv pain relief & local anaesthetic he allowed an initial clean up before a later scheduled surgery.

Tuppence was on the lead, but as can happen when any two dogs approach, it can change in the blink of an eye. Poor Tuppence was picked up and shaken in the mouth of a much larger dog. She presented as an emergency to the Central Coast Vet Centre, at Gosford/Wyoming. As can be seen, his skin in the middle of her body had been almost split in two and peeled back like an orange.

    After two iv injections of very strong pain relief, sedation and local anaesthetic, she allowed us to temporaily flush, clean and close the wound before full body wrap bandages were applied.

Pictures of his initial assessment are show to the right.

The wound was immediately flushed, cleaned and

temporarily closed with 45 staples, which were removed

the next day under general anaesthetic.



       Almost torn in two.

Tuppence- Had a temporary 45 Staples placed in his skin under local anaesthetic while the vets stabilised him overnight, before undergoing a corrective surgery the following day at PICS

Multiple IV antibiotics were given immediately and she was placed on iv fluids overnight in ICU. The following day, now stable and over the initial shock of his ordeal, x-rays were taken of his abdomen and chest to scan for further serious internal damage from the tears in his abdominal muscle wall. Once the vets determined his chest was free from damage, she headed straight in to theatre for an extended corrective surgery.

Tuppence is famous in the local area for her protective nature, particularly protective of her late owner.Poor Tuppence did not deserve this unfortunate mishap on her routine exercise walk.


Please be aware, all puppies should under go puppy preschool at a young age to help in socialisation. This early stage is crucial for puppies to learn how to react & can be life saving in the future. Please phone us for Puppy Preschool classes, Juniour & Adult Behaviour Classes on 4329 0500 (Gosford) or Wyong (4353 0200)