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Dental X-ray showing

2x Periapical Lucencies

at the tips of the roots.


Our Facility's Images are used by Dental Specialists

Without X-rays

these teeth would

have been left.

Dental disease in cats, dogs & rabbits is one of the most common conditions we see each day. Just like us, maintaining that smile requires regular care.


Dental disease often goes unnoticed for sometime and bad breath is commonly the first sign. Other signs of dental problems includes - yellow brown tartar on teeth, drooling, tooth loss, pawing at the mouth, bleeding gums, reluctance to chew or play with toys. Most pets will continue to eat despite devastating dental disease until they are so depressed they would rather starve. Their survival instinct is so strong, it masks serious disease.


Most cats and dogs will require some dental treatment by the vet at some stage in their lives. Roughly 80% of cats & dogs would benefit from a dental with the vet.


A large proportion of dental disease will lie under the gumline in the roots. This is why we recommend all dentals at our centre have full mouth dental x-rays performed with our state of the art digital dental x-ray machine. This allows the vet to plan extractions, know how many roots your individual pet has and decrease the risk of major complications.


Our centre incorporates an equipped dental facility offering scaling, polishing, extractions, radiology & preventative care. If you are concerned about your pet’s dental health please book an appointment with our vets for a thorough dental exam and treatment plan.


After care is just as important- We stock a wide range of dental care products to maintain those teeth after their scale and polish.Feel free to ask our trained nurses for advice on the best products.

Annual Scale & Polish Program (ASAPP 2016)


Our discounted $100 Dental Scale & Polish Price (S&P)

- along with out normal General Anaesthetic price ($150) - is all that is paid to get your pet's teeth clean & white again this AUGUST. Senior VETS perform each procedure.


We should see the Dentist at least once a year, but we BRUSH everyday! So MOST PETS need a yearly dental S&P. We have dedicated dental stations which are equipped with exceptionally high ultrasonic frequency 42000Hz IM3 scalers, to decrease enamel & gum damage caused by less powerful, cheaper scalers. This special price is for pets with up to mild tartar build up, those who are already in the program (having a Scale & Polish each year) AND for those who have had a big dental within the last 36 months to keep on top of their pet's dental hygiene. If the pet's teeth have marked to moderate tartar build up and it takes a lot longer under anaesthetic to do a proper procedure, this could cost a little more (please ask). Thereafter they should fall in to the discounted ASAP Program price with proper maintenance in between each year.

Limited to 50 places in August, (extention through Sept) please call us on CCVetCentre - 6Brooks Ave Gosford 43290500 or North Wyong 43530200

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DENTAL SPECIAL - our Annual Dental Scale & Polish Program for  AUGUST- Dental Scale & Polish $100 with the vet + normal General Anaesthetic Price of $150 - with Free Pre Dental Check Up.

   We have multiple dedicated Dental Suites equipped with specific dental x-ray & IM3 scalers & polishers. See pictures HERE + Details

Extended through September due to large numbers