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These two pets are a handful & were thankfully insured from 9 wks of age....because they really are accident prone. ( See Huego the Cavalier's story - bottom of page).



Delilah's Chest- Alveolar lung pattern in the dependant portion of the left sided lung lobes is consistent with aspiration pneumonia.  


CULTURE results Organism 1:  Gram negative bacillus (interim)


   SUSCEPTIBILITY  (R=resistant     S=susceptible to an antibiotic)

   Augmentin         R                Tetracycline      R

   Ampi/Amoxycillin  R                Sulpha/Trimeth     S

   Cephalexin        R                Enrofloxacin       S

   Gentamicin         S

MicroChip associated lump_1 ps MicroChip associated lump_0 PS Delilah Close up CT MicroChip associated lump_2 ps S Delilah Delilah Delilah2 Delilah3 Delilah4 Delilah5 Delilah6 Delilah7 Delilah8

A sample of CT slices of her chest, from cranial (front) to caudal (back) in a clock wise directions, starting above at 1 o'clock.










Lung-Alveolar Lung Pattern Consistent with aspiration pneumonia (Air Bronchograms)

Normal lung is black & full of air


Normal Right side Lung lobes


Delilah, a typical bulldog- struggles to breath at the best of times. But when she developed a severe pneumonia, she went down hill quickly over a 24 hour period and has been lucky to pull througth. Delilah remained in Intensive care at PICS for days & was nebulised, on oxygen, IV fluids & a triple combination IV antibiotic regime.

A culture from lung samples taken at the time of CT is underway  & sensitivity to antibiotics being performed. But her serious rod bacterial infection in her chest has come a long way since she was being suctioned (for sometimes 3 hours straight), in order to keep her alive.

Delilah's Chest CT scan below- Alveolar lung pattern in the dependant portion of the left sided lung lobes is consistent with aspiration pneumonia. This confirmed our suspicion from chest x-rays, but x-rays do not show the detail of the CT and her initial presentation was for vomiting & diarrhoea.



Delilah seen here at 4 months of age having a CT for a different reason (archive picture)

Current Problem- Delilah in ICU

Delilah side view CT cropped web small Delilah inner ct lazer web Delilah Multiple ET Tube replacements Delilah from CT working area web Delilah suction small 3.07 Delilah suctioning web Delilah web



Continued Suction to clear airways while under anaesthesia

Continued replacement of endotracheal (ET) tubes while under anaesthesia, blocking with thick pus & blood

Delilah (below) - now 9 months old & larger- having a break in reception after her  mum visited (an Intensive Care Nurse herself) She walked her outside off her drip & oxygen, and bought her a toy for her extended recovery stay.

Delilah is lucky to be alive. Heugo, her friend was in hospital for diarhoea. The owner noticed Deliah had had a mild vomit & diarrhoea & brought her in too. She was hospitalised & placed on fluids, with a barage of tests undertaken. It was only that one of the vets thought she looked quieter, having known her from a pup, that she thought we might just do some chest x-rays. They were really looking for foreign bodies in her abdomen, but a chest x-ray was taken as well. A problem in her lungs was suggested from the x-rays, so more chest x-rays were performed and she was transferred from North Wyong CCVC to the sister North Gosford/Wyoming & PICS, for CT.

Delilah the Baby Bulldog - 

      9 month old Delilah was back in hospital for a second CT with another critical problem. Delilah & partner in crime- Huego the Cavalier, have all required CT scans at PICS.

The CT showed a clear problem in her chest. Within 3 minutes of tubing her for anaesthetic, the first tube down her airways had to be replaced because it had blocked with pus. 4 hours on and she was being suctioned continually down the back of her throat to remove pus coming up from her lungs. Two vets were monitoring her when she started vomiting blood & bile, urinated, defecated and went white (in shock).  With multiple vets working on her at 9pm, it took until 5am the following morning until she finally took control of her own breathing again & the exahausted vets could finally relax.

Hours of having a vet by her side, Delilah required constant suctioning to remove thick mucus from her airways.


The cause of both Huego in hospital initially, Delilah's life threatening pneumonia- might have been associated with flooding of a nearby septic tank , entering their yard a few days earlier. Both dogs developed diarhoea, but Delilah vomited & may have breathed some in to her chest, causing pneumonia.

A previous problem

Left side (opposite on CT's)


Right side


Suctioning the back of her throat

Note- the mucus was already removed from these for sampling-but some is still visible


TMJ Fracture3 ps chest & TMJ ps copy chest & TMJ2 ps Img0234 ps

Huego the Cavalier King Charles (Delilah the Bulldog's buddy)- story is just as serious. At 3 month of age, he ran excitely towards the car when he saw his owners arriving home. Unfortunately, he just kept going & dropped straight down the small 5 foot cliff, on to his head. He screamed for what seemed forever and the owner's thought he had broken his neck. They rushed him here & immediately he was stabilised and then imaged with a full brain CT. In the end his brain was cleared from any fractures or haematomas, but he had broken his jaw at the TMJ joint, on both sides! That would have been painful indeed!


Normal Thymus still present in the front of his chest - seen in young dogs

Huego-  BILATERAL Asymmetric enlargement of the right lateral ventricle without evidence of mass effect.

-Linear radiolucent gap through the medial aspect of the mandibular condyle bilaterally.

-Other soft tissue structures of the head unremarkable.

-Vertebral column unremarkable.

-Soft tissue attenuating structure with smooth margins in the cranial mediastinum is interpreted as the thymus.

-In the left lateral thoracic wall, there is a small amount of gas attenuation in the subcutaneous space (iatrogenic premed injection site).

-Cardiac chambers unremarkable.

-Lung parenchyma normal.

-Abdomen in view normal.


Diagnostic Conclusions Non - displaced fractures of the mandibular condyles bilaterally.

Asymmetrical lateral ventricles is likely congenital and an incidental finding.



Bilateral (both sided) fractures of the mandibular condyles

Heugo The CKC

Heugo The CKC

Heugo The CKC

Heugo The CKC